Sunday, December 11, 2011

Trimming the Tree

This year, the boyfriend and I decided that we wanted a really elegant adult tree to enjoy, before we ever have kids when we’ll have to decorate with ornaments of macaroni covered crap, wonderful expressions of burgeoning artistic talent.

We designed a tree inspired by the Tiffany blue box.  I can’t bear to throw Tiffany boxes away – they are so beautiful and iconic.  I love the box almost as much as what is inside of it (what girl doesn't?)!  So, we came up with a Tiffany blue, white and pearl themed tree, using white lights, a pearl garland, glass icicle ornaments found at a thrift store, and handmade ornaments. 
I made ornaments out of the Tiffany boxes with white ribbon and a crystal bead.  Using the little cardboard boxes found at craft stores and some blue paint, I made ornaments that look like the Tiffany boxes as well.

Tiffany Box Ornament

Fake Tiffany Box Ornament
I made soft ornaments using felted wool and white faux fur.  I cut the felted wool and fur using templates designed on paper, 2 per ornament, and whipped stitched the two sides together in a contrasting embroidery floss. I stuffed them with a bit of poly fill and threaded the top with a ribbon for hanging.  I hung these at the bottom of the tree so that my 3-year-old niece, a.k.a Godzilla, can gently touch them when she comes over.

White Fur Bell
Blue Felted Wool Star

I bought a few boxes of glass globe ornaments at the craft store.  These are under $3 a box of 6.  I spray painted the gold tops silver, then swirled watered down blue paint inside and let them dry.  The paint didn’t dry smoothly but created really interesting patterns and swirls.  I finished them with fur, feathers, and ribbon.  One of my favorites simply has a white feather inside.  It looks like snow, or smoke.   My favorite Eiffel Tower ornament is a bit behind it.

White Feather Filled Globe
Blue and White Globe
My 9-year-old nephew likes the tree too!

The Christmas Ninja

Next up: Holiday Baking

Happy Holidays!!!